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    The Best That I Could


An hour of live music. The best part (other than you being totally cool for doing this) is the cost: absolutely free! I do these concerts because it is fun for me, and it's a really unique way to connect and share music.

People have combined this with parties, get-togethers, or just planned around it. It is something different for your guests, and it helps to keep me busy and out of trouble. There is nothing for you to set-up, other than providing a chair and a space. This isn't limited to homes, I can also play clubs, churches, cafes, etc. but I prefer an unplugged setting and an intimate audience I can interact with. Whatever you have in mind, we can talk about it and I can help you make it a great time!

Also, let's be realistic. I can't be flying to Hawaii or Europe or someplace like that (unless you want to pay for it, which is cool by me). I try to plan these at times I can travel to a number of places, this means we might have to have a little give and take on dates. But, it's as simple as getting in touch with me. Drop me a message on Facebook or email me: info@robertconlon.com

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