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Spring 2015 - "Everything Still Changes"

Everything Still Changes CD Cover

Coming Soon, new music!
Everything Still Changes

Working on getting together a bunch of new songs in a project called - Everything Still Changes. Check back for free offers and the release party! (and how to buy.)

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I am making a probably futile attempt to post interesting updates about the recording process (or anything else about music/art/life that strikes me at the moment). Click the connect links to keep up to date on this earth-shatteringly important endeavor.

What the heck is a house concert?

All you need is a living room and a few friends! Basically, you pick a day and have some people over, and I will give you an hour of live music. Whatever else you plan is up to you. The best part (other than you being totally cool for doing this) is the cost: absolutely free! I have a great time traveling around doing this, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Click below for more info!